Top 10 reasons to Visit Champagne

TOP 10 Reasons to Visit Champagne

1 – The world-famous sparkling comes from the region

Champagne was not made from one day to another. A lot of different actors added something, either in the conception or in its reputation. Major characters such as Dom Pérignon or the Veuve Clicquot must be remembered for their actions but many others built up today’s Champagne.

From the Romans who implanted vines in the region, to the kings and courts of Europe, Champagne has travelled centuries to become the most famous sparkling wine of the world. It is supposedly here that was discovered and understood how to make bubbles appear in a wine. This method is now used in a lot of different regions.

Thanks to all the events and people who acted for Champagne, this is now one of the most expensive drinks, present in all prestigious receptions in the whole World.

Top 10 reasons to visit champagne, champagne pouring

2 – It is not far from Paris

We all know that for most of the visitors coming to France want to visit at least Paris. Champagne is a good alternative to see a different area of our beautiful country, as it will take only 1h30 by car.

This proximity allows you to go and visit the region during a day trip from Paris. Our guides will pick you up at your hotel and bring you to Champagne to visit wineries and world celebrated producers.

3 – Champagne is the most romantic and luxurious drink

Romanticism is not dead. The proof is: Champagne still exists. The most luxurious drink is always the best way to start a romantic diner (or doing the entire meal with it). The fine bubbles will totally fit with the fineness of the moment.

Champagne is also a way to celebrate great things that happen and are synonym of good moments and memories.  It is also the drink served during the first part of a wedding, somehow one the most significant moments of your life.

Even though the Champagne makers are showing us that Champagne can be drunk with unexpected pairings such as cheese and current life moments, this still is the most luxurious drink.

4 – The history of Kings made the celebrity of Champagne

Of course, Champagne has a really close history with our kings. Most of the French kings were crowned in the cathedral of the city of Reims (33 in a little bit more than 1,000 years) and to celebrate this, wine from the region was drunk. But in the beginning, Champagne was not even fizzing: it is during the 16th century that it became a sparkling wine.

The court of France was one of the most influent during a long time, therefore a lot of other monarchies started to drink champagne wines.  This participated in building the reputation of a luxurious drink. During a long time, it was only drunk by the monarchies, the aristocrats and some rich bourgeois. It is only after WWI that it started to become more democratic, even it still be an expensive drink.

5 – Reims is a wonderful city

Reims has its Cathedral, but not only. The Cathedral is the reason why Reims has been so important for the region of Champagne and France. Partly destroyed during WW1, it has been restored since. The capital of the region has a lot more to be visited. For example, the Palais de Tau, the Reims Archbishop’s palace, is something you should see.

Even though the city was really affected and destroyed during WWI Reims was rebuilt during the 1920’s and you will find beautiful examples of art deco architecture.

Top 10 reasons to visit champagne, reims cathedral
Top 10 reasons to visit champagne, palais de Thau

6 – The “Avenue de Champagne” in Epernay is the most expensive street in the world.

Epernay is smaller than Reims, but is a kind of second capital of the region, due to its significance in the business of Champagne.

The Avenue of Champagne is the most reputed of the city and is known as the most expensive street of the world, due to the estimated 200 million of bottles sleeping underground. Most of the greatest Champagne houses have their headquarters there: Moët & Chandon, Pol Roger, Perrier Jouët, de Venoge, Vranken, Mercier… The different buildings offer incredible architectures. A very important road once called “the most drinkable avenue of the world” by Winston Churchill.

Top 10 reasons to visit champagne, Avenue de champagne

7 – Because the diversity of winemakers is incredible

Winemaking is a very precise and technique skill that not anyone can manage, and even more when it is in a region as special as Champagne due to its climate. Producing and selling are very different tasks that cannot be managed by every producer. So, winemakers have three options, depending on the size and the history of the vineyard.

The first option is to sell their grapes to a “négociant”, such as Moët & Chandon and other great brands of champagne.

The second option is to be part of a cooperative. The cooperative has all the expensive tools that the wine-producer cannot afford.

The third option is to remain independent during the whole cycle of harvesting, producing and selling process.

Top 10 reasons to visit champagne, moët & chandon
Top 10 reasons to visit champagne, dom caudron cooperative
Top 10 reasons to visit champagne, julien chopin

8 – The gastronomy is fabulous

Top 10 reasons to visit champagne, restaurant

You should taste the gastronomy of Champagne, this also include some incredible meals cooked with the famous drink. The “Assiette champenoise” is probably the most exceptional restaurant of the region with its three Michelin stars, together with “Les Crayères” and its sumptuous surroundings and “le Millénaire”, in the center of Reims.

We propose you to discover it during our VIP wine day tour in Champagne!

9 – It is part of the UNESCO’S world heritage.

The hillsides, houses and cellars of Champagne were awarded the World Heritage distinction in 2015. This is characterized by the agro-industrial system that built the landscape but also the economy of a whole region. This distinction is not only referring to wine production but all the impact it had since centuries. The region has really built its identity and history around this product that is now a big part of the country’s economy.

The region has come across very difficult periods such as phylloxera and World wars and the Champenois have always battled to preserve their authenticity, by restoring their most beautiful buildings and investing to save their region. All these reasons explain why it has been recognized as a world heritage.

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Champagne, vineyard

10 – Because My Wine Days propose you incredible offers

Mywinedays proposes you to go on wine day tours in Champagne from Paris. Gastronomy, heritage, landscapes, architecture, history, luxury, and the drink itself are the reasons that pushed us to organize these awesome tours to let you discover one of the most incredible regions of France.

To adapt to every budgets, we propose different offers, from small group tours of maximum 8 people, to private or VIP tours.

Loire day tour and champagne day tour


10 + 12 hours
Chateau de Chambord and visit of the vineyard


10 + 12 hours
Chambord castle and champagne


10 + 12 hours

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