Cheese Tour In Normandy

Discover the French culture by its cheeses

Cheese Tour in Normandy

visiting mont saint-michel during a cheese tour in normandy

Tasting cheese in France could sound like a cliché. But the culture of cheese is quite significant in our country. Once, the General de Gaulle said “France has more type of cheese than there are days in a year”. He was obviously right when you know that there are about 1,200 varieties. Normandy is one of the regions that produces some world-known cheese. In fact, its main one is the Camembert. But this is not the only cheese of Normandy; the others deserve to be known better, therefore we propose you this article and a day tour there! Are you ready to travel around a cheese tour in Normandy ? 

The Camembert, the Traditional

World famous because of its strong smell and character, the N°1 of clichés has in fact a long story. Its name come from a village in the region of Orne: Camembert. The legend starts in 1791 in Vimoutier where some priests were conserving the recipe and gave it to a woman who protected it during the Revolution. It is said that her heirs were the major actors of its expansion during the second half of the XIX century. In 1909, some people created a syndicate to have the appellation; but it is only in 1983 that they obtained the AOC “Camembert de Normandie”. The criteria of the production methods & place are now very precise. The discovery of the process is somehow very interesting! Be aware of the different appellation: The Camembert de Normandie is the only one that comes from Normandy at 100%, from the milk to the production. The roasted Camembert is something that you must try!

camembert during a cheese tour in normandy
neufchatel during a cheese tour in normandy

Neufchâtel, a heart as a declaration

This is probably the second most famous cheese of Normandy. Like camembert, it is produced with cow milk and the production must be in Normandy, from the village of Neufchâtel. Its famous heart shape has seduced a lot of people and its association with Cider from Normandy is perfect. The story tells that it was the young Norman women who offered some of these cheeses to declare their love to the English soldiers during the Hundred years’ war.

Livarot, a cheese of character

The Livarot, also called the “colonel”, is an orange cheese that can have 4 different sizes with 4 different names from the “Petit Livarot” to the “Grand Livarot”. As the Camembert and Neufchâtel, the Livarot is made of cow milk. Its feature? The five strips of reed that circles the cheese. The Livarot is known for the power of its aromas and its meltingly soft character. The milk provided for the Livarot must be from Norman cows. The best association for a tasting? A Pomerol from Bordeaux, a white wine from Alsace or a Pommeau from Normandy if you want to keep this local spirit.

livarot during a cheese tour in normandy
Tasting Pont l'eveque

Pont l'évêque, the tasty square

Like Livarot, it has 4 different sizes and 4 different names: from the “demi Pont l’Evêque rectangulaire” (traduced half Pont l’Evêque rectangular) to the “Grand Pont l’Evêque” (traduced Big Pont l’Evêque). And as the other cheese quoted before, the milk must be from the Norman cow race. The Pont L’Evêque village is the hometown of this product from Calvados in Normandy. Its square form let a creamy texture with a yellow cream inside.

We decided to select these four cheeses from Normandy but there are plenty of others. Normandy is not only about cheese but the culture of it is still very significant and famous. By the way, if you want more reasons to visit Normandy, come and visit our offer of Wineday in Normandy. The villages, the old buildings, the nature and the culture of Calvados, Cider and Pommeau are things you should taste and visit. We hope you liked this virtual wine cheese tour in Normandy ; now you should go, visit and taste the product in Normandy. 

Under, you will see some typical things of the famous region of Normandy

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