Aaah Champagne and celebrities!

We all know that celebrity has always rhymed with Champagne. But do you know what it the favourite champagne of these international famous personalities? Check it right now with MyWinedays wine lovers team!

Marilyn Monroe

Dom Perignon Champagne lover

Let’s start with a great movie star: Marilyn Monroe.

It is well known that this great actress was a big fan of Champagne and a good Champagne drinker.

In The seven year itch, the actress reveals herself in a unique blend of sexuality and innocence. Everyone knows the famous scene of the white dress flying off. In this movie, the mythical blonde is also accompanied by Champagne. Champagne was certainly accompanying her in her private life, but also on the big screen.

In her private life, Marilyn Monroe was a great bubble drinker. A famous reception ticket in particular was a big topic of conversation. Marilyn would have ordered for $173.22 ($166.56 champagne and $6.66 tax) of Dom Perignon Champagne. It is known that Dom Perignon was her favorite drink.

Marilyn Monroe My Winedays Celebrities and Champagne

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Charles de Gaulle My Winedays Celebrities and Champagne

Charles De Gaulle

Drappier Champagne for the General!

It is also well known that Charles de Gaulle’s favourite Champagne is Champagne Drappier. A fervent lover of bubbles, Charles de Gaulle used to choose Drappier Champagne for his private receptions in Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises.

It is a great honour for Drappier to be the favourite Champagne of the President of the Republic. The former General and President of the French Republic has his own cuvée in his name at the Drappier house.

Winston Churchill

An old friendship with Pol Roger Champagne

Not everyone knows it, but Winston Churchill loved Champagne. But not just any Champagne! Indeed, Winston Churchill maintained a great friendship with the Pol Roger Champagne house in Epernay.

The Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill, the prestigious cuvée of the House of Pol Roger, was created as a tribute to Winston Churchill. It is considering the qualities he appreciated in Champagne that this Champagne was made: robustness, structure and maturity.

As he said: “My tastes are simple, I’m easily satisfied with the best”

Winston Churchill My Winedays Celebrities and Champagne
Napoleon Bonaparte My Winedays Celebrities and Champagne

Napoleon Bonaparte

Moët & Chandon Champagne for the troups!

Möet champagne was pretty appreciated by the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and his companies. In 1814 Jean-Rémy Moët got rewarded by Napoleon to the Légion d’honneur, the highest honor decoration in France. According to the legend, it is thanks to Napoleon and his troops that we now have the tradition of cracking open a bottle of champagne with a saber.


Champagne is a drink for every situation, As Napoleon said:

“I cannot live without Champagne. If I win, I deserve it; If I lose, I need it”

James Bond

007, women and Champagne!

If the great 007 is a vodka-martini man, he is no less fond of fine Champagne, which delights women who succumb to its charm.

In his early days, the future legendary James Bond was accompanied by Dom Perignon Champagne. For about ten years, these two great names shared the bill. However, at the turn of the 1970s, Bollinger Champagne took over and made the eyes of James Bond, who has never been without it since. Indeed, out of 23 films, 12 show the famous brand on the big screen. Thus, always accompanied by Bollinger Champagne and a young lady more or less in distress, and above all madly in love with him, 007 has built up a true friendship with the Bollinger house. Bollinger Champagne is the official Champagne of James Bond. In honor of this partnership of more than 40 years, the Bollinger house has launched a 007 cuvée.

James Bond Sean Connery My Winedays Celebrities and Champagne

As Honoré de Balzac used to say:

  “Great love stories begin with champagne”.


And you, celebrity of the everyday life, what’s your favorite champagne?


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