The holiday season is now over, and this is the SOS of a distressed stomach. Did you go overboard with the turkey, the log, the champagne… or all three? We give you our tips for a fresh start to 2021!
1. Easy on the fat and sugar
Usually during the holidays, gluttony is particularly focused on fatty and sugary foods. Aperitif cookies, foie gras, cold meats, logs, chocolates… no need to draw a picture! The first action to take is therefore to take it easy on this type of food, which is certainly pleasant in the mouth but high in calories and difficult to digest.

2. Take the time to eat better
Christmas and New Years are sometimes like a culinary marathon. During this period, we tend to eat in large quantities and at very close intervals (and still, sometimes there is no interval). Once holidays are done there are no more excuses: we reduce the quantities on the plate, and we make sure to space out the meals to allow digestion to take place peacefully. The best to do is to eat meals at fixed times.

3. Avoid leftovers!
As much as we would love to come eat everything, leftovers from Christmas or New Year’s Eve meals can become public enemy number one if they are numerous, simply because they will only extend the experience for a few more days. We are not talking of throwing them away of course. You can simply offer them to your guests before they leave, share them with neighbors or relatives or simply freeze them while waiting for another occasion to party!

4. Drink water, lots of water
There is only one area where you shouldn’t wait for the first warning signs to react, and that is hydration. Indeed, the consumption of alcohol dehydrates a lot but it is rare that we realize it in real time. Also forcing yourself to drink water, even when you don’t feel thirsty yet, is a good idea! To enjoy restful sleep after a festive meal, it is necessary to drink plenty of water before going to sleep, to stop having to get up in the middle of the night for a pressing urge! Moreover, eating foods rich in water (soups and broths, fresh fruits and vegetables) is excellent for good recovery. If you like green tea or infusions, don’t hesitate to consume them as much as you want! Sparkling water has acquired a reputation for facilitating digestion: this is true when it is rich in bicarbonate. Moreover, you can take sodium bicarbonate in case of stomach aches due to too rich meals, at the rate of a teaspoon in a glass of cold water.

5. A little physical activity to stay in shape
The issue with all the fest is precisely that we do not burn enough calories when we spend hours at the table, in the pleasure of conviviality and conversations! So, if you entertain people in your home and want your guests to regain their appetites and easily recover from the end of the year feasts, why not organize walks, to get some air and burn some calories? The recovery will be even better, as well as the sleep.

If you manage to follow all of these recommendations you can start 2021 with a healthy mind, healthy body and you will be ready to explore the French Wine regions with My WineDays
Please share with us your tips to recover from the holidays season and don’t forget to share our article!
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