If you have interest in Champagne and want to live a real Champagne region experience, then you may wonder where to go: Reims or Epernay?

The Champagne region is pretty close from Paris and easily accessible by train or by car, but the most convenient way to enjoy your trip in Champagne region is to book an organized daytrip with a professional agency, like My Winedays. Cause guess what? in Champagne there is alcohol! And believe us, your day will be way more delightful without having to manage your trip and transportation! Just take a seat in our confortable minivan, and enjoy!

The 5 regions of Champagne

The Champagne region is divided in 5 zones:

  • The Montagne de Reims (Mountain of Reims): This zone surrounds the south part of Reims and focusses on the production of Pinot noir. The Champagnes of this area are the fullest bodied ones. They are usually being aged.
  • The Vallée de la Marne (Marne Valley): In Epernay and the Western part of the Montagne de Reims, this region is more focused on the production of Pinot Meunier. The Pinot Meunier results from a mutation of Pinot noir. It is often blended with other vine grapes. For example, the blending of the strong Pinot noir and the fruity Pinot Meunier can make delicious Blanc de noirs!
  • The Côte des blancs: If you want to taste some of it, you should stay in Epernay and its surroundings as well, but in its Southest part. Exclusively focused on Chardonnay, this region also blends its Champagne to make Blanc de blancs, made from white grapes only!
  • The Côtes de Sézanne: This area is located in the “humid champagne”, a zone full of forests and marshlands. More confidential, the Côtes de Sézanne focuses on the Chardonnay production.
  • The Côte des Bar (Côte de l’Aube): Located a bit more in the South part, this region is located in the surroundings of Troyes. This region is less famous as well. The grapes planted in here are mostly used for non-vintage fizz.
Champagne regions 5 zones My Winedays

Today, My Winedays will focus on the two most famous spots of Champagne region. Reims and Epernay share together the prestigious title of Capital of Champagne. But which one should you absolutely not miss to taste Champagne in the Champagne region: Reims or Epernay?



Full of history and bubbles, Reims is famous all around the world! At only 1h20 from Paris, this town is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and have way more to offer than what you think! Discover its Kings related history, the splendid Reims Cathedral, the Palace of Tau (French: Palais de Tau), and of course its Champagnes!

Reims and its surroundings welcome a lot of Great Houses of Champagne that you must have heard about at least once in your lifetime: Vranken-Pommery, Taittinger, Mumm, Veuve Clicquot and many others.
Reims is also a dynamic university town: You will never find yourself without a thing to do in Reims!
Moreover, do not miss the chance to taste its famous pink biscuit: The Biscuit Rose of Reims.


With plenty of Great Champagne Houses and trading houses, and classified as a Remarkable Site of Taste, Epernay is ready to welcome you! World-renowned as one of the most prestigious Avenues in the world, Epernay’s majestic Avenue de Champagne counts 110 km of cellars. But Epernay is not only about champagne houses. You will be able to observe a countryside city with an eclectic architecture and a lots of buildings of the 19th century.

Walking along this huge Avenue, you couldn’t not recognize at least one Champagne name: Moët & Chandon, Perrier Jouët, de Venoge, Mercier…

Epernay might seem lesser accessible from Paris than Reims but be assured, everything is made so you can come to visit this stunning place!

Visit epernay from Paris Champagne caves My Winedays


Yet, if Reims and Epernay are the 2 big names of Champagne, make sure you do not miss a walk in the vineyards as far as your eyes can see! Vines, grapes and the fresh air of Champagne region have a lot to teach you!

Besides, even if many visitors come to Champagne region to visit the cellars of the Great Houses of Champagne, believe My Winedays wine lovers, stepping outside of the cities and meet the local wineries is an absolute must-do! Be their guest, they will be pleased to open their doors to you!

This is why My Winedays is here to propose you their all-inclusive day trip in Champagne! Visit as stand-out Great Houses of Champagne, lost yourself in the beautiful and perfectly ranked vineyard’s fields, and live an authentic experience meeting a local champagne producer! 


To give you the best advice, what is more authentic and real than a Champagne producer point of view? My Winedays team asked directly to the winemakers the question!

Dom Caudron

“Reims and Epernay are both true international icons of Champagne. If Reims is marked by a strong dynamism thanks to a rich address book (shops, bars, monuments, great Champagne Houses…), a stopover in Epernay remains essential to discover the secrets of Champagne through emblematic places (Avenue de Champagne, prestigious Houses, cellars…).

Don’t miss to make a few kilometers through the heart of the vineyards, to discover the other side of the scenery presented by Champagne Dom Caudron which is only 30 minutes away from both towns!

fun tour in champagne

Julien Chopin

“In my opinion, Reims & Epernay represent the heart of Champagne, but I have two different visions of each. Epernay really represents wine growing Champagne. It’s an ideally located city, surrounded by a crown of vines. In addition, the 4 major wine-growing regions of the Côte des Blancs, the Côte de Sézanne, the Marne Valley and the Montagne of Reims completely surround the town of Epernay.

If you wish to meet the winegrowers of Champagne region and thus visit their cellars and taste some bubbles, like you can do if you come to Julien Chopin cellars, Epernay is the place to be!”

Meet Dom Caudron and Julien Chopin winemakers with My Winedays! In a full day trip from Paris, you will enjoy the visits of three famous Champagne houses:

  • 1 Famous Champagne house, located in Reims or Epernay (now you can make your choice!!): visit Moet&Chandon, Taittinger, Veuve Clicquot, …
  • 1 Family-owned Champagne House for lunch and tasting
  • 1 Cooperative Champagne House for another tasting!

Then, according to you, Champagne region: Reims or Epernay? 🧐

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