Winter is here! The cold has set in and it’s time to enjoy some good, typical winter meals! To make exceptional wine pairings with our favorite dishes, follow our expert advice and let yourself be tempted by our selections!

Which wine to pair with a Savoyard fondue?
Fondue savoyarde and wine pairing - winter meals

It is the best known of all the fondues, the Savoyarde fondue is – like raclette – a star during our winter evenings! Strong in taste and cooked in white wine, you shouldn’t be mistaken on the accord. The fondue is generally made with Beaufort or Tomme, a typical Savoy cheese, and white wine. It is therefore appropriate to associate it with … a white wine.

Choose a harmonious white wine, with good acidity and a fleshy texture. Don’t forget the freshness! The wine should counterbalance the smooth side of the fondue.

Moreover, the local white wine remains a safe bet, such as a Savoie wine, with the same grape varieties as for raclette (Mondeuse Blanche, Altesse, Roussane, Jacquère). You can also combine a wine from another region, such as a Mâcon or Pouilly Fuissé, a Beaujolais Blanc or a wine from Alsace Riesling.
It is preferable not to combine red wine.

What wine to pair with a tartiflette?

One other winter dish, star of ski resorts, Tartiflette is an essential dish! A potato gratin accompanied by melted Savoie reblochon, smoked bacon and onions; it’s a gourmet dish, rich in flavors!
Obviously, as with the previous dishes, we will rather associate a white wine from the region.
However, it is also possible to achieve a very nice pairing with a red wine.


Combine a white wine:
A white wine from Savoie is strongly recommended. Choose a powerful, very aromatic and fresh wine to counterbalance the richness of the tartiflette.
For example, Roussanne and Chignin-Bergeron grape will go perfectly with the dish. From another region yes, but close! White wine from Vaud and Valais, a Chardonnay from Jura or a sparkling white wine from the Chasselas variety.

Combine a red wine:
It is possible to combine a red wine, but avoid too firm tannins. Head for a supple and juicy wine with fine, melted tannins.
Choose a red wine from Savoie with Mondeuse grape variety. You can also opt for a slightly spicy Jura wine.

Which wine to pair with a raclette?

Raclette is another emblematic dish of winter, convivial, where everyone composes their own plate. Accompanied by cold meats, it is essential to match your wine well.
To choose the ideal wine to pair with your raclette, you must take into account all the ingredients that compose your dish.

Combine a white wine:
It is preferable to accompany your raclette with a white wine. Choose a wine originating from the proposed cheese and prefer it with a good volume in the mouth so that it blends perfectly with the creaminess of the cheese, the sweetness of the potatoes and the salty of the cold cuts. We recommend a Savoie wine, Mondeuse Blanche, Altesse, Roussanne or Jacquère grape varieties.
However, if you want to get away from the “local” association, go for a white Saint-Joseph, a Côtes du Jura, or even a Crozes Hermitage!

raclette cheese - winter meal and wine
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