Champagne: a versatile drink for incredible pairings!

Champagne: a versatile drink for incredible pairing!

The high acidity of champagne and its small amount of sugar allows us to pair it with almost any food. This luxurious drink has a long history and has built its reputation all along the years. The different types of champagne, from the fresh blanc de blanc to the fruity rosé and the complex vintage ones, allow marvelous possibilities of association. Here, we are offering you the main pairings and the ones we prefer. 

Champagne, a versatile drink for incredible pairing

Blanc de Blanc

The freshness and acidity goes very well with the iodic taste of the oysters or a fine white fish. If you decide to age it a little bit, you can try some sauces on the fish. But be careful with the ones with lemon because it could waste the valuable acidity of the champagne. In some cases, try some spicy sauces, it can pair very well. In addition, the best moment to drink a blanc de blanc is probably during the summer due to it freshness.

Blanc de Noir

With more fruity notes and a heavier body, the characteristics allow us to try and match it meats, but not any. It could match easily with pork or veal. With some years ageing, it could be tasted with a little sauce on the meat or a meat a little bit more intense in terms of flavors. The blanc de noir is also reputed to pair well with game and mushrooms.

Champagne, a versatile drink for incredible pairing
Champagne, a versatile drink for incredible pairing

Vintage Champagne

This type of champagne offers richer aromas and much more complexity. Young, you can pair it with barely any food! Try some rich sauces or even poultry. Until its ten years old, it can be a wonderful pairing. Try some matured cheeses, or complex mushrooms. The complexity of the two will be interesting for sure. However, smoked salmon is one of the best ones you could try. Traditional, but it can still be very tasty.

“Passion, love and desire are the best things for a good pairing”

Arnaud LallemendChef of the Assiette Champenoise, a 3*** restaurant at the Michelin guide.


Fresh and fruity aromas, this is what describes the best the rosé champagne. A little bit ignored for a long time, the rosé wonderfully came back about 15 years ago. Invented by the Veuve Clicquot herself, this champagne is very appreciated. Mywinedays offers to take yout to visit this famous house during a wine day tour from Paris (depending on availability). It can easily go with red meat as well as seafood or fresh aperitifs.

Champagne, a versatile drink for incredible pairing
Champagne, a versatile drink for incredible pairing
Champagne, a versatile drink for incredible pairing

Original pairings

Try some creamy cheeses with the Champagne. The powerful acidity will clean up your mouth and bring incredible freshness to it! The St Félicien or even the Chaources are probably some  of the best cheeses you try it with.

Red tuna provides a slightly greasy sensation in mouth. You can have it in order to try something more original than salmon. A tuna tartare or even a snacked tuna could be perfect during the summer.

The charlotte aux fraises, a famous French pastry is a very good example of what you can pair with a rosé champagne. The drink brings some red fruits aromas which match well with the strawberries, while the bubbles and the acidity of the champagne will be perfect for the cream of the pastry.

Think about the great contrast between a hot dish with a fresh champagne. It matches well.


A piece of advice, the best way to enjoy a very good pairing is to go to the domain, talk with the producers and ask them the best pairing they made with their own wine. This is something you can do during a wine day tour to Champagne, always accompanied with a wine expert guide.

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