Food and Wine: The ultimate wine pairing with dessert guide

Food and Wine: The ultimate wine pairing with dessert guide

Food and Wine: The ultimate wine pairing with dessert guide

You love dessert? You love wine? It’s time for you to learn how to perfectly pair your favorite lemon meringue pie or your beloved dark chocolate cake.


   First, the golden rule to know: wine and fruit colors might fit. Indeed, for white wines, you can easily choose to pair it with peaches, apples, pears, apricots, nectarines … Note that finding a good pairing with lemon is quite hard due to its acidity! You’ll have to select a sweet wine with mineral notes. Below you will find a short list of our favorite desserts made with fruits:

♥ Stirred pineapple with a Jurançon or a Sauternes

♥ Typical tarte aux pommes with a sweet Vouvray

♥ Fresh local fruit salad with a AOC Cote de Provence

♥ Lemon meringue pie paired with a liquorous Montbazillac

♥ Clafoutis aux cerises with a Rasteau from the Rhone Valley


For aged white wines, the best would be to look for the pastries full of toasted notes like nuts. For example, you can combine a hazelnuts or almonds pie with a mature Condrieu or Chateau Chalon.


White, milk, dark: many people are crazy about chocolate. But what about the perfect wine combination?

Like wine, chocolate reveal a wide range of aromas. The mix of flavors will develop and linger in the mouth. Moreover, both cocoa and wine contains tannin that contribute to strengthen their power. The more the chocolate is made from a high percentage of cocoa, the more full-bodied and powerful the wine should be.

Besides, dark chocolate has a bitterness side, especially for those with high percentage of cocoa. Thus, it is important to reduce and soften this bitter taste with a sweet wine. You can select a sweet red wine from Roussillon region like Banyuls or Maury.

If you prefer milk chocolate than contains less cocoa, you can choose a white and fresh white wine from Alsace, like a Riesling or a Gewurztraminer. Regarding white chocolate, as it is only made with cocoa paste, it does not present any tannin. Thus, you can opt to pair your favorite dessert with a dry white wine with fruity taste like for the milk chocolate.

To sum up, we need sweetness, a bit of sugar and color to match dark chocolate. In the other hand, we will select for a dry and fruity with wine for milk and white chocolate! Easy, right?


Tiramisu, profiteroles, crème brulée … All these desserts are delicious but all quite rich. Thus, to compensate creamy notes, you can pick a sweet white wine! For example, a Sauternes helps strengthen vanilla and sweetness in both wine and dessert. However, what you should not do is to opt for acidic wines. Indeed, a common method to make cheese or cream from milk is to add acid. The combination acid + acid is thus not a good way to appreciate the end of the meal. Here a selection of popular cream-based desserts paired with wines :

♥ Crème brulée with Gewurztraminer vendanges tardives

♥ Vanilla profiteroles with hot chocolate and Porto Rouge

♥ Tiramisu with Muscat from Cap Corse

♥ French éclair au café with Banyuls grand cru rancio

♥ Baba au rhum with AOC Rivesaltes

♥ Vanilla mille feuille with Alsace muscat

♥ Paris-Brest with a AOC Barsac or Sauternes

 The tip is to select a wine without excess of residual sugars. But what is it exactly? Residual sugar is the amount of sugar that remain in the wine after alcoholic fermentation. Indeed, this amount can be measured in g/l. Thus, you have a wide choice: Semi-dried Montlouis-sur-Loire, sweet Coteau du Layon, Muscats or Vin de paille from Jura.


When summer comes, we love enjoying refreshing ice-creams and sorbets. First things first: ice-creams are made from milk or cream and egg yolk. On the other hand, sorbets are elaborated with sugar syrup and fresh fruit pulp. However, it is important to note that cold can anesthetize taste buds. And that’s not all: it can deeply alternate wine’s aromas (even worse for wine lovers like us!).

Nevertheless, in the mouth, the temperature difference in not higher than with a hot dish. The gustatory intensity will be reduced but you’ll still have the possibility to enjoy your dessert with wine. Our wine lovers team advise you to pick sharp and sweet white wines, but not only.

It all depend on the flavor of your frozen dessert. Why not opting for a dessert wine like a Bonnezeaux AOC from Loire Valley? It will be amazing with a tropical fruit ice-cream or sorbet (mango, guava…). Regarding red fruits or berries, you can select a sweet red wine that exhale red berries. For the adventurous one, you can try a sparkling sweet red wine like an AOC Bugey Cerdon or a DOCG Brachetto d’Aqui. Last but not least, what about a coffee or nuts frozen desserts? You can travel to Sicilia to taste a Marsala: powerful, sweet, warm. Just as the climate of the beautiful island, isn’t it?


 Finally, there are little delicacies that does not enter in the categories above mentioned. They are little pastries to be taste without moderation. What about a canelé, a macaron, a financier or a madeleine? 

♥ Canelé from Bordeaux with a Pineau-des-Charentes 

♥ Pistachio macaron with a sweet Loupiac

♥ Financier with a Crémant d’Alsace pinot gris 

♥ Madeleine with a Montlouis-sur-Loire

Bon appétit !


 We asked our win lovers team to reveal you their favorite dessert paired with delicious wines (of course!) and here are the “crème de la crème” : 

♥ Lara and Anna select an AOC Maury to match homemade chocolate fondant (yummy!): it will be perfect to fit the bitter taste of chocolate

♥  Max enjoys his favorite Charlotte aux framboises with an AOPC Cerdon from Renardat-Fache

♥ Mathilde, on the other hand, will rather prefer to skip dessert and replace it by nice cheeses like ash covered goat cheese with a Vin de voile from Jura

♥ Mag appreciates an apricots tart with Ben Ryé dei Donnafugata Passito di Pantelleria DOC, viva italia!

♥ Adèle is crazy about the real cheesecake and will pair it with a AOC Crémant de Loire

Thanks to all these precious tips, gluttony is not a capital sin anymore! Enjoy a delicious dessert with the finest wines and take advantage of it: invite friends and family to share your knowledges. However, if you want to learn more about wine pairing, savor gourmet lunch at the winemaker’s table, taste around 8 different wines and experience a wonderful day, join us on or tours. Champagne and all its secrets, Loire Valley and its Castle, Normandy and its famous gastronomy … So much to explore!

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